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Watch & Learn: Master the OE Ripple Bead with ORBiT

The OE ripple bead can be described as the defined, chopped-up, wavy-textured bead commonly found on underhood areas, trunk pans and rear body pans of most vehicles. Whatever you choose to call this bead, it has been a long-standing challenge for repair technicans to accurately and conveniently duplicate this seam. 

SEM's QR Codes Make Life Easier for Technicians

Using SEM QR codes is like having a SEM product specialist right in the shop with you. When you scan a SEM QR code on a product label, you are directed straight to the product's webpage. From here you can conveniently access technical data to ensure proper application, safety information, SOPs, and more.

Four ways to use the Rigid 360° Applicator

The Rigid 360° Applicatoris is more than a spray wand. It is a 36-inch-long, customizable applicator wand with a true 360-degree spray pattern. Watch the video to learn more and see four different uses for this versatile tool.

How to Spray a Bedliner with BoothTalk's Jeremy Winters

Check out this video by Jeremy Winters of the BoothTalk podcast to see him spray a bedliner on a Silverado using Rock-It XC™. 

How to Spray 2K Dual-Mix Products with the Quick Spray System

Many technicians are surprised to learn they can spray select 2K Dual-Mix products from the SEM line. They are even more surprised to learn how simple the process is. Check out our video on how to spray Dual-Mix products with the Quick Spray System.

Create an Additional Revenue Stream with Rock-It XC Bedliner

Rock-It XC™ offers collision centers a way to create an additional revenue stream. Learn how Rock-It XC differs from polyurea coatings and drop-in liners. 

SEM Expands Product Offering with Launch of Plastic Masking Film

SEM announces the release of four plastic sheeting options and branches into an all-new category with reliable and easy-to-use masking films that cling to substrates for optimal protection against overspray and other contaminants.

Watch & Learn: Dual-Mix Sound Dampening

It's important to remember that what's behind the panel is just as important as what you apply to the outside of a panel. In this video, learn about the different types of sound dampening coatings and foams and their applications. 

Video: New XXX Specialty Gel Adhesive Remover

Watch this product demo to see new XXX Specialty Gel Adhesive Remover in action. Learn about the benefits of its slow-evaporating formula and run-resistant, vertical hold capability. 

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