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4 Ways to Increase Throughput in 2019

We’re all looking to maximize efficiency and drive profits. Accomplish these goals and more with SEM’s intelligent product design. Learn more about these profitable solutions and watch the videos now.  

1. Repair Bumpers 2x Faster

SEM's Dual-Mix Plastic Repair Material does not require the use of adhesion promoter. SEM helps you get the job done in 42 minutes, compared to leading competitors whose processes take 80 - 111 minutes to complete the same job. 

Saving this kind of time means, getting more cars out the door. At 42 minutes per job, one technician could complete up to 12 bumper repairs in one day. 

2. Turn 1 Extra Car per Week

Let's say you are sealing a 2ft seam. Using a leading competitors product and process will take you 109 minutes. With SEM Dual-Mix Seam Sealers' direct to metal and paintable immediately techonology, allows you to complete the job 7 minutes.

What's so great about 1 extra car per week?

3. Return Cars to OE Standards, Now Easier than Ever

With the SEM's patent-pending ORBiT™, technicians can create the OE ripple bead with no special technique required. When applied at different speeds and angles ORBiT can replicate a variety of OE ripple textures. 

Watch our video to learn how to master the OE ripple bead with ORBiT.

4. Reduce Labor Up To 85%

SEM's OEM Refinishing System utilizes aerosol technology to eliminate mixing paint, waiting on a painter, tying up the paint booth, and cleaning spray guns. It enables technicians to refinish jobs directly on the shop floor, reducing cycle time to increase throughput.

Watch the video to see how SEM's ORS can add thousands of dollars to your annual revenue.

Want to know more about profitable solutions from SEM? 

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