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Watch & Learn: Master the Hem Flange Seam With No Masking Required

The SHFT™ tip helps technicians easily duplicate OE hem flange seams commonly found on doors, hoods and deck lids.

In this video, we share our best tech tips to help you master using the SHFT tip to save time and money in the shop.

How does the SHFT tip save time and money in the shop?

  • SHFT tip revolutionizes the way you duplicate OE hem flange seams by eliminating the need to mask the area
  • No masking reduces repair time by up to 65% 
  • By masking and spreading seam sealer to create the seam, you waste more than half of the applied product
  • Click here to watch the full side-by-side comparision video now

Here's how to master using the SHFT tip to lay a hem flange seam sealer bead:

  • Be sure to equalize and purge the cartridge
  • Take a few "practice swings" – practice running the bead without dispsensing product and use your finger as a guide to hold the tip steady in case of any obstructions in the seam
  • Wrap the air hose over your shoulder
  • Start with a long reach for a consistent seam
  • Don't sweat turning corners, simply run the bead the full length and come back to spread the corners

The SHFT tip is available for free inside Dual-Mix Medium Bodied Seam Sealers.

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