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Understanding Corrosion

The hot topic as of recent has centered on the use of corrosion inhibitive products in the collision repair industry with some insurance companies adopting policies to ensure they are used. Direct to metal primers, weld-through primers, cavity waxes, undercoatings, sealers and even adhesives all fall into this category but questions of what, when, where, why and how still seem to plague technicians. The following should help to clear up those qu...

Inner Panel Corrosion Protection Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Follow SEM's three-step Inner Panel Corrosion Protection Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for consistent protection from rust and corrosion.

Collision Centers Reduce Re-dos with Rust Trap™

While visiting a collision center, one of our team members, Mark, noticed a frame tech placing a truckbed side back on a vehicle with a rusty inner wheel house. The tech explained that they don’t fix the rust because it isn’t considered part of the damage. Mark pointed out, though, that if the rust isn’t fixed, the customer would ultimately bring this back due to rust damage, resulting in a costly re-do since the collision center was last to touc...

Stop Rust in Less Steps with New Rust Trap Coating

Treat, restore and protect against rust with new high gloss, moisture cured urethane from SEM. Apply Rust Trap directly to rust or bare sanded steel to seal existing rust and prevent rust formation. Rust Trap dries to a glossy, non-porous, rock hard surface with excellent durability and chemical resistance. With simple preparation, Rust Trap quickly gets equipment back to work.

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