• About SEM

    We create innovative repair and refinishing products that make our customer's day-to-day operations run smoother. Our products are defined by quality to exceed our customer's needs.

  • Tech Support

    We're here to help. Call our technical support line and be greeted by a real person right away. Go here to get in touch.

  • Manufactured in the USA

    Founded in 1948, SEM is a 100% employee-owned and operated American manufacturer. 

New Products

  • Rock-It Liner™ Kits

    Rock-It Liner™ is a high quality, urethane, textured coating that provides a durable, protective finish for truck beds and restoration projects. 

    New formula features higher gloss, tighter texture and and increased durability.

  • Refinishing Center

    The 40032 Refinishing Center is a jobber's best selling, lowest paid salesperson.

    Attract more customers and generate additional revenue with SEM's Refinishing Center of professional aerosols.

    Purchase includes one of each of the products below.

  • Trim Black Euro Jet

    Trim Black Euro Jet is an OEM matched coating for automotive trim components.

  • Dual-Mix™ Quick Set 180

    Dual-Mix Quick Set 180 is a two-component, general purpose, black, urethane adhesive with a three minute working time designed for repairing and bonding most small to medium plastic, steel, aluminum, glass, SMC and fiberglass parts.

  • Rust Trap™

    A high gloss, moisture cured, urethane coating for restoring and protecting rusty metal.

    79460 Rust Trap Counter Assortment includes:

    3 Black quarts
    1 Black pint
    1 Silver quart
    1 Silver pint
    1 Flattener pint

  • Premium Powder Guide Coat

    Dry powder for identifying low spots, pinholes and other surface defects when sanding primer.

  • Fleet Line™ Composite Adhesive & Repair

    A two-component, fiber-enriched, epoxy used for bonding and/or cosmetic repair of composite plastics, such as SMC, fiberglass, and carbon fiber as well as Metton® and other rigid plastics.

  • Fleet Line™ Flexible Plastic Repair

    A two-component, 15 minute sandable epoxy for repairing most flexible plastic parts without requiring an adhesion promoter. 

  • Fleet Line™ 3 Minute General Purpose Adhesive

    A two-component, black, urethane adhesive with a three minute working time for general purpose bonding and repair of plastic, steel, aluminum, glass, SMC and fiberglass parts.

  • Fleet Line™ White Seam Sealer

    A two-component, high viscosity, epoxy seam sealer for use on interior or exterior seams, joints and voids.