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Stop Rust in Less Steps with New Rust Trap Coating

Treat, restore and protect against rust with new high gloss, moisture cured urethane from SEM. Apply Rust Trap directly to rust or bare sanded steel to seal existing rust and prevent rust formation. Rust Trap dries to a glossy, non-porous, rock hard surface with excellent durability and chemical resistance. With simple preparation, Rust Trap quickly gets equipment back to work.

“Save time and money on rust containment with less prep. Rust Trap can be applied directly to rust or bare sanded steel, with no metal conditioner required. It dries to a rock hard, smooth surface.”

- David Vivian,Product Manager, SEM Products, Inc.

Restoration shops, automotive professionals, industrial maintenance professionals and homeowners alike will benefit from Rust Trap.

Use Rust Trap on:

  • Automotive suspension parts, frames, and underbodies
  • Factory/industrial maintenance
  • Equipment
  • Railings
  • Lawn and garden tools
  • Any rusted metal

To peak customer interest and help jobbers grow sales quickly, the 79460 Rust Trap Counter Assortment is available and includes:

  • 3 Black quarts (45504)
  • 1 Black pint (45508)
  • 1 Silver quart (45514)
  • 1 Silver pint (45518)
  • 1 Flattener pint (45598)

Assortment Size: Width: 17" Height: 18" Depth: 6"

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