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Collision Centers Reduce Re-dos with Rust Trap™

While visiting a collision center, one of our team members, Mark, noticed a frame tech placing a truckbed side back on a vehicle with a rusty inner wheel house. The tech explained that they don’t fix the rust because it isn’t considered part of the damage. Mark pointed out, though, that if the rust isn’t fixed, the customer would ultimately bring this back due to rust damage, resulting in a costly re-do since the collision center was last to touch the truck.

Mark revealed an easy solution: Rust Trap, the new coating from SEM that treats, restores, and protects against rust. Rust Trap is easy to apply and has less steps, dries faster, and top coats easier than other rust treatment products. After a quick training session, this collision center now treats all rusty non-replacement parts and the current frame re-call with Rust Trap. 

Get a pint of Rust Trap and your copy of the TDS and start protecting your repairs from rusted re-dos today.

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