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Increase Throughput with Dual-Mix™ Seam Sealer

We’ve gotten a lot of thanks for reducing cycle time and increasing throughput with our direct-to-metal and paintable immediately seam sealers. So much so, that we wanted to work out the math to show other collision centers the true time, labor, and material savings, along with additional revenue, gained by using Dual-Mix™ Seam Sealer.

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Increase Throughput with Direct-to-Metal and Paintable Immediately 2K Seam Sealers

When it comes to 2K seam sealers, direct-to-metal (DTM) and paintable immediately* technologies help shops turn more cars per week. DTM seam sealers eliminate initial primer application, gun cleaning, and scuff time, reducing cycle time as much as 75 minutes while reducing material waste. The capability to paint immediately can save an additional 30 minu...

What’s In the Can Matters More Than the Price Tag on It

Jobbers, as a partner to the collision center, need to know - what’s in the can matters more than the price tag on it. The ability to explain what makes one product better than another is essential to improving collision center profitability.

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