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Watch & Learn: Plastic Repair

There are thousands of different blends of plastic in the world. The key to plastic repair is knowing which plastic you're working with and choosing the appropriate repair material to match. Watch the video to learn our tips and master the plastic repair process.

Tech Tip: Two Ways to Lay a Ripple Bead with the ORBiT™ Tip

There are two ways to lay a ripple bead with the ORBiT Tip. Option 1, can help you in hard to reach areas, while Option 2 may save you some time. Watch the video for more details on each method. 

Tech Tip: 2K Cartridge Times Explained

Every cartridge manufacturer provides users three important pieces of information: the working time, set time and cure time. These times mark the steps of the products’ conversion from liquid form to a solid state. Read on to understand these terms in detail and how they impact the repair process. 

Watch & Learn: Master the OE Ripple Bead with ORBiT

The OE ripple bead can be described as the defined, chopped-up, wavy-textured bead commonly found on underhood areas, trunk pans and rear body pans of most vehicles. Whatever you choose to call this bead, it has been a long-standing challenge for repair technicans to accurately and conveniently duplicate this seam. 

How to Spray 2K Dual-Mix Products with the Quick Spray System

Many technicians are surprised to learn they can spray select 2K Dual-Mix products from the SEM line. They are even more surprised to learn how simple the process is. Check out our video on how to spray Dual-Mix products with the Quick Spray System.

Watch & Learn: Dual-Mix Sound Dampening

It's important to remember that what's behind the panel is just as important as what you apply to the outside of a panel. In this video, learn about the different types of sound dampening coatings and foams and their applications. 

Watch & Learn: Master the Hem Flange Seam With No Masking Required

The SHFT™ tip helps technicians easily duplicate OE hem flange seams commonly found on doors, hoods and deck lids.  In this video, we share our best tech tips to help you master using the SHFT tip to save time and money in the shop.

Tech Tip: Equalize and Purge 2K Cartridges

Ever wondered why every manufacturer of 2K cartridges instruct users to equalize and purge the cartridge before attaching the static mixer? Here's your chance to find out why these steps are so important and how to do them properly.

Virtual Product Demo: SEM 2K Seam Sealers

Ever wondered why SEM offers so many different types of 2K seam sealers in our DUAL-MIX line? With the increase in post-inspections, we want to be sure you have what it takes to duplicate factory seams for any repair. For the first time, we've released a complete 2K seam sealer product demo on video. Watch now to learn more.

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