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SEM Products, Inc. Unveils a Game-Changing Seam Sealer Solution

SEM Products, Inc. developed a patent pending, game-changing solution with the addition of new gray and beige options of Dual-Mix™ Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer and ORBiT™, the OE Ripple Bead Installation Tip. SEM was the first company offering all 4 OEM seam sealer colors in a 2K line. Now all four colors are available as Heavy Bodied Seam Sealers, designed with a high viscosity to hold tooling marks. When paired with ORBiT, these products offer a one-of-a-kind solution for duplicating the hard to match OE ripple bead without any special technique or additional customized equipment. 

“In today’s climate, restoring a damaged vehicle back to OEM standards is more important than ever.  The ripple bead is the most tedious and difficult bead to replicate, so we developed a tool, ORBiT, and broadened our heavy bodied seam sealer line to simplify the procedure. This style bead is growing in prevalence and we are excited to have a solution for the aftermarket,” says Larry Trexler, SEM’s Marketing Manager, Technical Services & Training.

SEM’s seam sealers and related hardware are designed to help reduce post-inspection liability by equipping technicians to accurately and simply replicate the color and texture of OEM seams.  All Dual-Mix Heavy Bodied Seam Sealers are OEM recommended and come with SEM’s Forever Warranty. ORBiT can be used with all SEM 1K seam sealers, 2K medium viscosity and  2K heavy bodied seam sealers.   

Dual-Mix Heavy Bodied Seam Sealers are direct to metal and paintable immediately. These features help shops by creating consistency in the application process to mitigate potential errors and reducing repair times by more than 100 minutes compared to a leading competitor’s non-DTM seam sealer.

Part # Product Name Size
40177 Dual-Mix Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer - Gray 7 oz. Cartridge
40277 Dual-Mix Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer - Beige 7 oz. Cartridge
40377 Dual-Mix Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer - Black 7 oz. Cartridge
40477 Dual-Mix Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer - White 7 oz. Cartridge
40000 The Game-Changer (Limited-time Promotion) Kit


ORBiT is now packaged with SEM Dual-Mix Heavy Bodied Seam Sealers.

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