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Tips for Duplicating OE Seams with Ease

In today's climate, restoring a damaged vehicle back to OEM standards is more important than ever. SEM is here to help with 4 resources for duplicating the most difficult OE seam sealer beads with precision and speed. 

4 Ways to Increase Throughput in 2019

We’re all looking to maximize efficiency and drive profits. Accomplish these goals and more with SEM’s intelligent product design. To learn about profitable solutions that help you repair bumpers 2x faster, turn one extra car per week and save up to 85% of labor, read on or watch the videos now.  

SEM Products, Inc. Unveils a Game-Changing Seam Sealer Solution

SEM Products releases a patent pending, game-changing solution with the addition of new gray and beige Dual-Mix™ Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer and ORBiT™, the OE Ripple Bead Installation Tip. Now all four colors are available as Heavy Bodied Seam Sealers, designed with a high viscosity to hold tooling marks. When paired with ORBiT, these products offer a one-of-a-kind solution for duplicating the hard to match OE ripple bead withou...

New Working Time & Set Time 40377 Heavy Bodied Black Seam Sealer

40377 Heavy Bodied Black Seam Sealer now boasts a shorter working time of 10 minutes and set time of 15 minutes. These times are consistent with all SEM two component seam sealers to increase body shop productivity. Packaging reflects this change in the upper left hand corner of the cartridge.Use 40377 for sealing interior or exterios seams, joints and voids. Apply on bare metal, OEM finish, epoxy primers, and DTM urethane primer.

Duplicate OEM Textured Seams

NEW: SEM now offers a high performance, modified silane polymer (MSP) 1K Sprayable Seam Sealer in four OEM colors. With SEM’s new sprayable seam sealers, body technicians are equipped to duplicate OEM sprayed seams on floor pans and trunk sections. This versatile sealer can also be used under rocker panels and inside wheel wells to meet or exceed OEM quality sound dampening.

SEM Provides Best Match to OEM Seam Sealers for Automotive Technicians

Automotive technicians searching for an OEM matching white seam sealer need look no further. SEM releases 40477 Heavy Bodied White Seam Sealer with these technicians in mind. A high viscosity, two-component epoxy, 40477 is for use on interior or exterior seams, joints, and voids. 40477 is excellent for collision repair and fleet vehicles because of its outstanding adhesion to multiple surfaces, its flexibility, and its resistance to shrinking or...

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