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Tips for Duplicating OE Seams with Ease

In today's climate, restoring a damaged vehicle back to OEM standards is more important than ever. SEM is here to help with 4 resources for duplicating the most difficult OE seam sealer beads with precision and speed. 

1. Duplicate the OE Ripple Bead with ORBiT™

2. Get the Heavy-Bodied Seam Sealer Tip Guide

3. Make Use of All 4 OE Seam Sealer Colors

4. Learn to Duplicate Rolled, Beveled and Squared Edges

1. Duplicate the OE Ripple Bead With ORBiT

ORBiT, the OE Ripple Bead Installation Tip, is SEM's newest product to assist collision centers in duplicating OE seam sealer beads. ORBiT's patent-pending design allows technicians to duplicate the ripple bead with no special technique required. No shaking the gun, no tooling or brushing in the texture. 

Watch the video to learn how to create various textures using ORBiT. 

2. Get the Heavy-Bodied Seam Sealer Tip Guide

SEM offers 4 different tips to help technicians easily replicate various OE beads. The Quick Reference Tip Guide unpacks when and where to use each tip and how it can be customized. Download the Tip Guide.

3. Make Use of All 4 OE Colors

Matching OE seam sealer color can help collision centers reduce post-inspection liability. SEM offers all 4 OE colors (gray, beige, black and white) in 1K and 2K seam sealers. Looking for an ultimate solution? Check out the limited-time Game-Changer Kit to get all 4 colors with 1 free cartridge and 1 free 6-pack of ORBiT. 

4. Learn to Duplicate Rolled, Beveled and Squared Edges

While the Dual-Mix™ Heavy Bodied Seam Sealers are ideal for use with ORBiT, Dual-Mix medium viscosity seam sealers offer other possibilities when duplicating OE seams. The recently updated Technical Data Sheet offers step-by-step instructions on how to create various edges on seam sealer beads. 

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