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SEM Obtains Six New OEM Recommendations

At SEM Products we are committed to providing industry-leading solutions with products that perform to the highest standards, OEM standards. This month, SEM Products obtained six new OEM recommendations, awarded from multiple automotive manufacturing companies, cover 12 SKUs. 

New recommendations cover SEM’s adhesion promoters, seam sealers, and recently released products including Zincweld™ weld-through primer and Trim Black Ultra. 

"We're excited about the progress of our OEM recommendations. It's important to have these recommendations. We've received a lot just this year." - quote from??

SEM's count of OEM recommendations rises to 79 recommendations covering 231 SKUs.

New Recommendations: 

Adhesion Promoters
Seam Sealers
  • Dual-Mix™ Self Leveling Seam Sealer | 39387
  • Dual-Mix High-Build Self Leveling Seam Sealer | 39777
Trim Paints
Weld-Through Primers

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