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Watch & Learn: Master the OE Ripple Bead with ORBiT

Have you ever struggled to duplicate this bead? 

We call this the OE ripple bead. This seam sealer bead can be described as the defined, chopped-up, wavy-textured bead commonly found on underhood areas, trunk pans and rear body pans of most vehicles. Whatever you choose to call this bead, it has been a long-standing challenge for repair technicans to accurately and conveniently duplicate this seam. 

In 2018, SEM released a game-changing solution for technicians, the ORBiT™ tip. ORBiT stands for OE Ripple Bead Installation Tip. The tip's patent pending design allows technicians to easily duplicate the OE ripple bead with no special technique required.  

Watch our Training Series video and or read on to learn more. 

The ORBiT tip is a small tool offering massive benefits. It's designed with versatility in mind providing: 

  • A smooth side for remote flat applications
  • A ridged guide for seam applications
  • Ability to produce four variations of the ripple bead - simply adjust your speed or angle
  • Compatability for use with 1K or 2K seam sealers
  • Compatability for use with pneumatic or manual applicators

ORBiT tips come packaged with SEM Dual-Mix™ Heavy Bodied Seam Sealers

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