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How to Spray 2K Dual-Mix Products with the Quick Spray System

Many technicians are surprised to learn they can spray select 2K Dual-Mix products from the SEM line. They are even more surprised to learn how simple the process is.

Spraying 2K products is helpful when duplicating sound dampening pads and some OE seam sealer textures. In this article, we cover which Dual-Mix products can be sprayed and provide a complete overview of the process to use SEM's Quick Spray System. 

Check out the Quick Spray System recap below or watch the video to see live demos spraying Medium Bodied Seam SealerSound & Seal Sprayable Coating, and even Flexible Urethane Foam

To spray Dual-Mix 2K products, you'll need a Pneumatic Applicator Gun and SEM's Quick Spray Starter Kit. The following Dual-Mix products can be sprayed using this system. 

  • Dual-Mix Medium Bodied Seam Sealers
  • Dual-Mix Heavy Bodied Seam Sealers
  • Dual-Mix Sound & Seal Sprayable Coating
  • Dual-Mix Flexible Urethane Foam


1. Slide the nut onto the static mixer. 

2. Choose an air cap and connect the air baffle to the static mixer (lining up the notches).

3. Attach the static mixer to the cartridge (line up the notch to the front of the cartridge), Attach the air hose to the end of the static mixer.

TECH TIP: Attach quick couplers to the Quick Spray System to easily add or remove attachments. 


1. Use the set screw to control the air pressure.

TECH TIP: Run some product into the static mixer before turning on the air. This prevents an air bubble from backing into the cartridge.

2. Adjust the air pressure to achieve your desired texture. Too little air pressure will produce a normal-looking bead. Too much air pressure will cause the product to spit. 

TECH TIP: You can also vary the texture by adjusting your distance from the panel. 


Clean the Quick Spray System by cleaning only the end of the air cap. In many cases, you can just allow the product to dry and then snap or flick it off the air cap. 

Quick Spray System Starter Kit Components Static Mixer Assembly Pneumatic Gun with Air Hose and Quick Coupler

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