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Panel Bonding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Learn how to panel bond with SEM's OEM recommended Dual-Mix™adhesives. Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive and Door Skin & SMC Adhesive takes all of the guess work out of choosing the right product for the right application at the right time. 

Note: This isn’t your elementary school adhesive. The strength of these adhesives can pick up an average size vehicle with just one square inch of bonded surface. That’s some serious strength.

Follow this 2 minute video to panel bond cosmetic panels flawlessly every time.

More Information

Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive is an epoxy based adhesive, compatible with steel, aluminum, SMC, fiberglass, and almost any surface that is clean and has a grind mark. With a 90 minute working time and set time of 4 hours, this go-to adhesive contains glass beads to control bondline thickness.

Door Skin & SMC Adhesive is compatible with the same substrates, but has a faster working time of 30 minutes and set time of 2 hours, making it ideal for smaller jobs. It does not contain glass beads as they are not necessary for smaller panel replacement. 

Both of these adhesives are OEM recommended and can be resistance welded during product working time.

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Check local VOC regulations to ensure compliance of all products in your area. Always wear OSHA required personal protection equipment (PPE) to ensure your safety.

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