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Watch & Learn: Dual-Mix Sound Dampening

It's important to remember that what's behind the panel is just as important as what you apply to the outside of a panel. In this video, learn about the different types of sound dampening coatings and foams and their applications. 

Sound & Seal Sprayable Coating

A sprayable, epoxy and urethane blend for replacing OEM coatings under rocker panels, in trunks, and on floor sections and frame rails. 

Things to know: 

  • Sound & Seal Sprayable Coating duplicates product found on late model Honda Civics and Accords, as well as some Toyota SUV fender wells; it can also be used to replace product found under carpet in vehicle trunks
  • Has some flow to it once applied
  • Offers 10 minute working time with 15 - 20 minute set time
  • Sound & Seal Sprayable Coating stays spongey even after it's dried

Learn more about 40799 Dual-Mix Sound & Seal Coating. 


Flexible Urethane Foam

A two-component, urethane, expanding foam that stops vibration and dampens sound in most small voids.

Things to know: 

  • Flexible Urethane Foam is ideal for use between skins and substructures, including hoods and door skins, as well as panels that experience movement or expansion and contraction
  • Foam expands 10x
  • Referred to as anti-flutter foam because it accommodates expansion and contraction of substrates to prevent puckering on the outside of the panel
  • To apply Flexible Urethane Foam on a vertical surface, fill the static mixer leaving some room at the end. When the foam begins expanding slowly dispense product while the foam is simultaneously expanding.

Learn more about 39357 Dual-Mix Flexible Urethane Foam.


Rigid Urethane Foam

A two-component, urethane, expanding foam for filling pillars, posts, and box sections.

Things to know:

  • Use Rigid Urethane Foam inside large voids or cavities, rocker panels, pillars or posts.
  • Foam expands 20x
  • Offers optimized viscosity and delayed expansion to reach difficult areas
  • Specifically designed to control or dampen sound

Learn more about 39997 Dual-Mix Rigid Urethane Foam.


Panel Vibration Control Material

A two-component, epoxy and urethane blend for reducing noise and vibration on roof skins and intrusion beams.

Things to know: 

  • Use Panel Vibration Control Material on roof skins or intrusion beams
  • Offers 60 minutes of working time
  • Referred to as a non-expandable foam, meaning it will not push out on panels
  • Save time on door skins by leaving as much OE foam on the intrusion beam as you can. and when you are ready to put the new panel back on use the Panel Vibration Control Material as a skim coat on top of the existing OE foam

Learn more about 39977 Dual-Mix Panel Vibration Control Material. 


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