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FCA awards SEM Products, Inc. 14 OEM Recommendations

SEM is proud to announce, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) now officially recommends 14 SEM products for use in collision repair facilities in accordance with FCA repair procedures.  These products can be used as dictated by brand and part # or “equivalent” on repair procedures outlined by FCA Technical Service Bulletins (TSB).

New Ez Coat™ Colors Match Pigment and Gloss of 2015-2017 Vehicle E-Coat

OEM recommended Ez Coat has expanded its color offering from seven to nine factory-matched colors. New colors Field Drab and Dark Green are found on e-coats throughout a wide variety of 2015 -2017 Toyotas, Ford F-150s, Hondas, Nissans, and more.

OEM Refinishing System Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Follow SEM's four step standard operating procedure (SOP) for refinishing support parts, cut-ins, and jambs to reduce labor up to 85%.

SEM Obtains 52 OEM Recommendations Covering 218 SKUs

General Motors (GM) awards SEM Products, Inc. 52 recommendations spanning 218 SKUs. Recommended products should be used as “equivalent materials” during repairs outlined by GM Technical Service Bulletins. Recommendations include adhesives, foams, panel bonding adhesives, plastic repair materials, seam sealers, stone guard coatings, and undercoatings. Specialty coatings are recommended for out of warranty repair scenarios.

Turn More Hours with Factory Pack™

Do you want to turn more hours and put more money in your pocket? Do you want to lower paint costs to look good in front of your boss? Do you want to grow a thicker beard and have biceps that easily bend solid steel like putty?Factory Pack can make all of this come true. Well, at least the first two. How? By matching 18 of the top 20 OEM

Webinar: Understanding Adhesives, Fillers and Sealers

SEM’s Marketing Manager of Technical Services & Training, Larry Trexler, led a webinar on preparing for the future of steel and aluminum repair. Larry simplifies SEM’s Dual-Mix line of adhesives, fillers and sealers to the 6 products that cover the majority of collision center repairs.... View More

SEM Products Obtains OEM Recommendation

General Motors recommends SEM Products’ 39977 Panel Vibration Control Material

How To Reduce Labor Up To 85%

The Problem:It's obvious that the shorter the job time, the more jobs you can service each day. But how do you shorten labor time when you’re required to wait on mixing paint, flash times, vacant paint booths, and the time to clean your tools after each use?Find out how to lower your labor time up to 85% with SEM's OEM Refinishing System.

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