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Watch & Learn: Reduce Labor Up To 85%

We all know that the shorter the job time, the more jobs you can service each week.  You can prevent bottlenecks in the shop by using aerosols.  SEM’s OEM Refinishing System uses 3 products to reduce labor up to 85% when refinishing inner support parts, rails, cut-ins, and jambs.

Factory Pack™ Helps Collision Centers Turn More Hours, Now With 224 OEM-Matched Color Crossovers

SEM Products, Inc. introduces 6 new colors to the Factory Pack basecoats line. Factory Pack is a professional grade, urethane basecoat packaged in a shop floor compliant, convenient aerosol can. Now with 40 OEM matched colors, spanning 224 crossovers,  Factory Pack offers up to 85% time savings when used with the OEM Refinishing System&...

OEM Refinishing System Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Follow SEM's four step standard operating procedure (SOP) for refinishing support parts, cut-ins, and jambs to reduce labor up to 85%.

Plastic Refinishing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Follow SEM's four-step Plastic Refinishing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for consistent, professional results.

Turn More Hours with Factory Pack™

Do you want to turn more hours and put more money in your pocket? Do you want to lower paint costs to look good in front of your boss? Do you want to grow a thicker beard and have biceps that easily bend solid steel like putty?Factory Pack can make all of this come true. Well, at least the first two. How? By matching 18 of the top 20 OEM

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