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SEM SOP: Filling Custom Fill™ Aerosol Blanks

Increase revenue with SEM's Custom Fill™ system designed for custom matching vinyl, leather, plastic, carpet, velour, or properly prepped and primed metal. Learn how to fill aerosol blanks with SEM's Standard Operating Procedure.

SEM - It's About More Than Just Products

SEM Products is committed to designing and delivering top performing products that reduce time, steps and waste for collision centers. In this quickly changing industry, innovation is essential to keeping up and staying in the game.


We also know it takes more than best-in-class, OEM recommended products to complete flawless repairs in record time. You need experience, skill and know-how. That's why we prioritize...

Plastic Refinishing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Follow SEM's four-step Plastic Refinishing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for consistent, professional results.

Filling Custom Fill™ Aerosol Blanks Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Collision centers can increase revenue by custom matching any interior carpet, leather, velour, vinyl, plastic, or properly prepped and primed metal with SEM’s Custom Fill system. With an aerosol blank for solvent, waterborne, or Color Coat formulas, filling just takes seconds with the Custom Fill Pneumatic Machine.Follow this 2 minute video to quickly fill Custom Fill Aerosol Blanks with the paint of your choice. Or download the SOP.

Touch Up Interiors to Make Easy Money

Don’t leave money on the table. Refinishing automotive vinyl, plastic, and leather is fast, simple, and lucrative. For about $20 in materials, you can easily refinish interior parts to add $75 - $250 per repair order.

How to Refinish Door Panels & Dash Pads with Color Coat™ Flexible Coating

AutoRestoMod does an excellent job demonstrating how to restore a 40 year old car with Color Coat. AutoRestoMod uses our ready to spray Color Coat Landau Black, but many jobbers have Color Coat Mixing Systems to mix custom colors when needed. Their video shows how well SEM Soap, Vinyl Prep and Color Coat work together to produce exceptional ad...

4 Easy Steps to Refinishing Interior Plastic

We recently received a thank you letter from Dave, who used SEM’s flexible coating Color Coat to refinish the dashboard and doors of his car. Dave writes, “I used SEM Color Coat on the interior panels of my custom sports car 10 years ago and it still looks amazing. No cracking or flaking or fading. Looks like the car came that way.”Want to get Dave's results? Here are 4 easy steps to use Color Coat on your next interior plastic refinishing job.

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