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SEM SOP: Filling Custom Fill™ Aerosol Blanks

Increase revenue with SEM's Custom Fill™ system designed for custom matching vinyl, leather, plastic, carpet, velour, or properly prepped and primed metal. Learn how to fill aerosol blanks with SEM's Standard Operating Procedure.

Spray High Build Products on Shop Floor with New Custom Fill™ Aerosol Blank

“This Custom Fill blank gives technicians freedom to use the products they rely on in aerosol form. This frees up a paint booth, air hose line, and painter by enabling technicians to prime, basecoat, or clearcoat support parts, cut-ins, and jambs directly on the shop floor through NESHAP 6H compliance.”– Nick Karayannis, Category Manager at SEM Products, Inc.

Touch Up Interiors to Make Easy Money

Don’t leave money on the table. Refinishing automotive vinyl, plastic, and leather is fast, simple, and lucrative. For about $20 in materials, you can easily refinish interior parts to add $75 - $250 per repair order.

Increase Revenue with NEW Custom Fill™ Color Coat™ Aerosol Blanks

Professional collision centers can now match any interior carpet, velour, vinyl, plastic, or properly prepped and primed metal color with an aerosol. SEM delivers aerosol blanks for filling Color Coat formulas using SEM’s Custom Fill machines.

Add Services With Custom Aerosols

Jobbers can provide custom mixed Color Coat solutions to anyone that...

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