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Spray High Build Products on Shop Floor with New Custom Fill™ Aerosol Blank

November 2, 2016 – ROCK HILL, SC – New Custom Fill+ High Build Aerosol Blank from SEM delivers new efficiencies for shop technicians and painters. Its innovative formula provides higher film build with quicker coverage for 1K and 2K solvent primers, clears, and color. Unlike expensive competing products that come pre-loaded with activator, SEM’s solution allows users to mix their preferred 2K products directly in the cap for injection, greatly limiting the potential of off ratio or incompatible coatings. Additionally, 62013 Custom Fill+ replaces the need for multiple SKUs to fill different paint lines.  

Use Custom Fill+ High Build for higher build and quicker coverage of:

  • 1K solvent primers
  • 2K primers
  • Urethane single stage paints
  • Enamel single stage paints
  • Solvent base coats
  • 1K clear coats
  • 2K clear coats
  • Lacquer paints

“This Custom Fill blank gives technicians freedom to use the products they rely on in aerosol form. This frees up a paint booth, air hose line, and painter by enabling technicians to prime, basecoat, or clearcoat support parts, cut-ins, and jambs directly on the shop floor through NESHAP 6H compliance.”
– Nick Karayannis, Category Manager at SEM Products, Inc.

Available now, choose SEM’s Custom Fill+ High Build Aerosol Blank for: 

  • Best in class basecoat and single stage hiding
  • One SKU for major solvent paint systems
  • Helps provide intended film build of high build & high solid products
  • Shop floor (NESHAP 6H) compliance
  • Your preferred primer or clear with correlating activator ensures proper mix
  • Professional spray pattern
  • Consistent sprayout
  • Comfort tip that eases finger fatigue
  • No clean up, waste, or hazardous material generation
  • 1K & 2K compliant labels

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