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1 Gun Cleaner for Any Paint System

New XXX Universal Gun Cleaner Does It All

New 2-in-1 solution removes solvent-based and waterborne coatings from spray equipment through best in class XXX Universal Gun Cleaner from SEM. Recognizing the demand for dual purpose, contaminant-free cleaner, SEM developed a formula that works equally well on both solvent and waterborne paint systems.

“This premium gun cleaner removes all traces of color and residue from any paint system. Painters don’t have to worry about contamination or keeping track of different cleaners. This formula acts fast, saving time and material.”
– Nick Karayannis, Category Manager at SEM Products, Inc.

Available now, choose SEM’s XXX Universal Gun Cleaner for: 

  • 2-in-1 cleaner minimizes products needed in shop
  • Superior 100% virgin solvent formula 
  • Reduces mistakes from choosing wrong or faulty cleaners
  • Best in class cleaner removes waterborne and solvent-based paints as well as dedicated cleaners

Go here for the technical data sheet.

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