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Watch & Learn: Duplicate Textures with 2K Urethane Chip Guard

Why did SEM create 2K Urethane Chip Guard?

SEM created 2K Urethane to revolutionize the way technicians duplicate OE chip guard textures. There are numerous textures on the market and duplicating all these textures with just one product is a real challenge. Most chip guard products are 1K (one-component) formulas that need longer drying times and are not as durable as 2K solutions. 2K Urethane Chip Guard is a versatile product capable of duplicating light to heavy and smooth to course textures. It offers 2K durability with 1K convenience. 

2K Urethane Chip solves common problems seen with 1K solutions.

Duplicating textures typically involves spraying multiple coats. 1K products require longer dry times and many are lacquer-based products which means they dry quickly on the outside, but have a tendacy to trap solvent under the dry, outer layer. Spraying over a partially dry coat like this can result in peeling if the top coat is chipped. 

2K Urethane Chip Guard builds heavy textures while eliminating common issues seen with 1K products including long flash times, pinholes, solvent trap, delamination and solubility.

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