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Get Your Truckbed’s Dignity Back with Improved Rock-It Liner™

In preparation for SEM School, our New England team came down to set up product demos. As part of their display, they revived this 2013 Honda Ridgeline truckbed. The fiberglass composite bed was chalked-out, faded and showed fiberglass hairs. It was a sad sight for a 2 year old bed.

The team used the new and improved Rock-It Liner to get this truckbed’s dignity back. The upgraded formula has tighter texture, higher gloss and improved durability. Rock-It Liner adhered exceptionally to the smallest crevices throughout the truckbed. 

One team member, who has extensive experience spraying various truckbed liners, said “the look of this new Rock-It Liner is significantly better than competing liners and the previous version. We’re excited to have this new formula and know it will be a high demand product for us once customers see it.”

See the proof:

Rock-It Liner truckbed detail viewRock-It Liner truckbed fullRock-It Liner truckbed straight view

Impressive, huh? 

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