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Truckbed Liner Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Follow SEM's three step standard operating procedure (SOP) for professional truckbed liner application.

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Pressure wash and allow to dry. Clean with SEM Solve or XXX Universal Surface Cleaner. Wipe clean in one direction with dry, lint-free cloth.


Remove all rust. Sand inside of bed with P180 - P220 grit or a bed brush. Truckbed liners may by sprayed over OEM finishes. 

Note: Prime bare metal with direct-to-metal epoxy or urethane primer. Allow primer to fully cure. Sand primer with P180 - P220 grit or a bed brush. 

Blow off dust and tack clean. Mask off areas that are not to be sprayed.


Refer to the Technical Data Sheet for mixing instructions.

Spray 2 - 3 light coats. Allow proper flash time between coats. The first coat should not achieve full coverage and subsequent coats should be applied in the same manner. Remove masking tape immediately after applying final coat.


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