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Restore & Refresh Your Marine Vinyl in Minutes

No matter how much you love your watercraft, time is going to take its toll. Cracked, faded, and stained vinyl seats are unfortunately par for the course when you own a boat or jet ski, and replacing or traditionally restoring these seats can cost hundreds of dollars!

Thankfully, Vinyl Coat is available for marine enthusiasts who want to keep their seats looking like new, all year long. Vinyl Coat is an easy-to-use aerosol spray that can be applied in minutes, and it’s available in 25 different colors for easy matching.

Quality Protection for Your Vinyl

Flexible and durable, an application of Vinyl Coat creates a permanent coating that won’t crack, chip, fade, or peel. Vinyl Coat is also an American-made product that has been thoroughly tested for quality.

The best part is that Vinyl Coat can save you money over traditional replacement or restoration costs. A new boat seat can cost hundreds of dollars. By using Vinyl Coat to restore the seat, your material cost per seat is less than $32. You also save time because you can apply Vinyl Coat on the spot. No more waiting for a new seat to ship, and no more expensive shipping fees either.

Selling Your Boat?

If you’re trying to sell your boat, but haven’t found a buyer, it may be because of your faded, stained seats. Let’s face it…no one wants to buy a pre-owned boat that will require expensive vinyl replacement and restoration costs. By using Vinyl Coat, you can give your watercraft a facelift, making it much more attractive to buyers and add resale value.

Dealers & Technicians Love Vinyl Coat

For watercraft maintenance technicians or dealerships, Vinyl Coat can be used to generate additional revenue. When a customer brings in his or her watercraft for maintenance or to gas up at the marina, having Vinyl Coat on-hand gives you the ability to provide fast restorations on the spot.

No matter your skill level, applying Vinyl Coat is easy. To learn additional information, see instructional videos, and more, go here.


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