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SEM's QR Codes Make Life Easier for Technicians

Save Time, Increase Productivity, & Gain Peace of Mind


We've all been there: a busy day at the shop comes to a screeching halt because a product was misapplied or someone's best "guestimate" was off by 15 minutes. Now, the whole job has to be restarted, phone calls to valued customers have to be made and productivity has been severely impacted. 

Thankfully, you can reduce the chances for mistakes like this by using QR codes on SEM product labels to instantly gain access to valuable data and knowledge right from your smartphone. 

What are QR Codes and How Do They Work?


QR codes are those little pixelated black and white squares. They work like bar codes, but instead of displaying pricing information, they direct your smartphone browser to a website.

There’s no need to search for anything or type in a long web address – simply scan the code using a QR code scanner app and your device will do the work for you. Most smartphones come with a QR scanner, some smartphone cameras will automatically scan QR codes. 

When you scan a SEM QR code on a product label, you are directed straight to the product's webpage. From here you can conveniently access technical data to ensure proper application, safety information, SOPs, and more.

The Benefits of Using QR Codes on SEM Products

  • Access to technical data sheets, safety information, SOPs, and educational videos on demand
  • Saves time on the job and reduces the chance for misapplication
  • No guessing about cure times, suitable substrates, or mixing with materials
  • No need to type while you’re already busy
  • Provides information about related products and distributors in your area

Using SEM QR codes is like having a SEM product specialist right in the shop with you!

If you're in need of addtional support check out the SEM resources page or contact our Technical Support team at 800-831-1122.

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