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This 1967 Ford Bronco has a story to tell

Restored 1967 Brocon


Kevin “Pigpen” McCain, owner of Rusty Volks Restoration in Fruitvale, Colorado, came across this 1967 Bronco when a friend, Chris Nelson, introduced him to the owner, Garry. Kevin specializes in pre-1967 Volkswagon restoration, but this Bronco project was too cool to pass up.  A little out of his element, Kevin jumped right in. It didn’t always go as planned, but in the end it turned out amazing and Garry was a very happy customer.

The story of this old gal starts when she was purchased in early 1968 by Garry’s grandfather. In his family for 50 years, she has been passed down from generation to generation, driven and loved by each member along the way. Every dent has a memory and a story attached. With his grandfather’s health declining, Garry got his hands on the beat up old Bronco and wanted to bring her back to life. Kevin said this was a “Silver Package Restoration,” which meant she was going to be a daily drive, not a show car. Garry plans to spend a few years behind the wheel of the family 67 Bronco. The original stock 289 engine and drivetrain were well maintained. Kevin said, “this thing runs better than some cars manufactured today."

The body and bed had seen better days. Covered in rust, faded paint and a few dents, Kevin began the project. With every dent or piece of damage, Kevin learned another story about the history of this truck, another memory from Garry’s past. After a lot of clean up, some rust restoration, a weld here and a weld there, Kevin was ready to bring this truck back to the original 1967 Turquoise Frost glory. 

He knew the bed would see some wear and tear. As Garry’s daily driver, the truckbed would need a protective liner. His biggest concern was paint chipping and showing the black truckbed liner underneath the Turquoise Frost. After talking with his local distributor, Color Wheel, Kevin chose SEM’s Protex™ Tintable Truckbed Liner. This gave him the protection he needed without the concern that the paint would chip and show a different color underneath. With the completion of the Bronco truckbed, Kevin returned the 1967 Bronco to Gary. A few weeks after she left Rusty Volks Restoration, Garry called Kevin to let him know he took the truck to show his grandfather and he was thrilled.

Oh, the stories she has to tell and the memories she must hold for Garry’s grandfather.

We want to say a big “thank you” to Kevin for sharing this story. When we asked Kevin if he would use and recommend Pro-tex Truckbed Liner again, his response was “Oh, heck yeah.” And he is keeping his promise. Kevin got his hand on a 1958 Volkswagon Bus that he is restoring for his family and plans to use Pro-Tex again. You can follow along with this restoration on Instagram @pigpen_vw. We can’t wait to see the finished project.

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