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Watch & Learn: Complete Guide to SEM 1K Seam Sealers

This is your complete guide to SEM's 1K seam sealer offering. Watch the video or review the summary to learn about: 

  • Differences between 1K and 2K seam sealers
  • Advantages of MSP technology
  • SEM's 1K Seam Sealer offering
  • Using 1K Seam Sealers with the ORBiT™ or SHFT™ tip
  • Tech tips and product demonstrations including 1K Sprayable Seam Sealer Applicator

Differences between 1K and 2K seam sealers


1K, or one-component, refers to a product designed to cure at room temperature without an added component to act as a catalyst in the curing process. 2K products include a second component that acts as a catalyst to chemically cure the product.

One of the most apparent differences between 1K and 2K seam sealers are their drying times. 1K seam sealers have longer cure and dry times while 2K seam sealers include a catalyst to ensure quicker curing. 

Another difference between 1K and 2K seam sealers is the elongation properties of 1K seam sealers. While SEM 2K seam sealers are completely flexible and could be tied in a knot, 1K seam sealers offer better elongation, or the ability to stretch like a rubber band. Elongation is a big advantage when applying  product on seams where exaggerated expansion and contraction occur, such as areas with two dissimilar substrates like steel and fiberglass. 


Advantages of MSP Technology


MSP stands for Modified Silane Polymers. MSP technology offers three key benefits:

  1. An alternative to acrylic or urethane-based seam sealers which potentially lend to shrinkage and topcoat adhesion issues
  2. Allows you to lay a heavy bed of seam sealer without gassing or blistering
  3. Allows you to apply seam sealer directly to bare metal


SEM 1K Seam Sealer Offering


1K Seam Sealers | 29362, 29372, 29382, 29392

     • Available in all four OEM colors

     • Working Time: 5 - 10 minutes

     • Cure/Paint Time: 24 hours

2-IN-1 Seam Sealer  |  29462, 29472, 29484, 29492

     • Can be beaded or sprayed

     • Available in all four OEM colors

     • Working Time: 20 - 40 minutes

     • Cure/Paint Time: 24 hours


Tech Tips


  • You can use ORBiT or SHFT tips with SEM 1K Seam Sealers. To use these custom tips, simply unscrew the square 2K adapter and attach directly to the 1K cartridge or 1K Sprayable Applicator Adapter.
  • Before placing a cartridge into a pneumatic applicator use your fingers or a manual gun to dislodge the piston.
  • When using the 1K Sprayable Seam Sealer Applicator, spray patterns can be achieved regardless of air pressure settings. Adjust the air control knob on the applicator to change the spray pattern.
  • You can store open 1K cartridges in the 1K Sprayable Seam Sealer Applicator for a couple of weeks. Before storage, remove the cap, wipe off the end of the fluid nozzle and close the air knob. 


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