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Watch & Learn: Plastic Tab Repair


Bumper tabs are small but crucial parts, helping to align the bumper with the quater panel or hood. When it comes to bumper tab repair, some shops opt to replace the entire bumper, but Dual-Mix™ Quick Set Adhesives offer a fast option that can save time and money in the shop.

A new bumper can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000. Next, factor in the hours and material cost to prep and paint the new bumper. This can take several hours and a lot of material. WIth the right product and process, SEM can help you to repair a bumper tab in as little as five minutes.

Learn how to quickly repair a bumper tab in this Training Seriies video. 


Dual-Mix™ Quick Set Adhesives are fast, urethane, high strength adhesives backed by the Dual-Mix Forever Warranty and OEM recommended to bond multiple substrates. Available Quick Set Adhesives include:

  • Quick Set 20
  • Quick Set 50
  • Quick Set 180

are available in 20, 50 and 180 second working times. As part of the Dual-Mix line, they are 

Small repairs on plastics on things like bumper cover tabs, headlight brackets or radiator tabs, black plastic under the hood of the car that needs to be fixed quickly. 

We use Quick Set Adhesives - all these are urethanes. 

Prep is very important. You need to use a water-based and solvent-based cleaner. 

Water-based = scuff and clean

Solvent-based = Plastic & Leather prep or SEM Solve

Ad Hesion Promoter is required becuase these are Urethanes

Quick Set 20

Quick Set 50 

Quick Set 180

Bumper tabs can easily snap off on the bottom or the top of the bumper. Bumper tabs help to line the bumper cover up with teh quarter pnael or the front fender. 

1) Scrub with water, a gray scuff pad and Scuff & Clean. Be sure to clean on both sides. Wipe clean in one direction with a lint-free cloth. 


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