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Replace or repair a scratched or scuffed mirror?

As manufacturers seek new ways to make lighter cars, plastic becomes more prevalent in the newer model vehicles. Shops now encounter bumpers, grills, rear view mirrors, roof racks and even wheel wells made of textured plastic.

Don’t resort to replacing these parts too soon. SEM’s Texture Coating duplicates OEM textures, increases your billable hours and returns cars to customers faster. Replicating OEM textures in the shop eliminates the need to wait for replacement parts. 

SEM's Texture Coating works to duplicate 3 of the 4 major categories of plastic texture patterns. Even within those major categories more specialized patterns exist, and that's why we’ve also developed standard operating procedures and a texture ID guide to help you achieve like-new appearance on numerous textured plastic repair jobs. 

To watch our How To Video, download SOPs or request a demo click here.

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